SOLUTION NMR Experimental Data

Experimental Details
Sample Conditions
Spectrometer Information
Manufacturer Model Field Strength
Varian UnityINOVA 500.0
NMR Refinement
Method Hybrid distance geometry/simulated annealing
Details 1000 steps at 2000K, cooled to 1000K for 3 ps (1000 steps at 3 fs/step), slow cooled from 1000K to 100K (6000 steps at 5 fs/step), 200 steps restrained energy minimization
NMR Ensemble Information
Conformers Submitted Total Number 1
Representative Model Choice Rationale
1 minimized average structure
Additional NMR Experimental Information
1 This structure was determined using triple-resonance NMR spectroscopy
Computation: NMR Software
# Classification Software Name Author
1 collection VNMR --
2 processing version: 98 FELIX --
3 structure solution version: 98 X-PLOR Brunger
4 refinement version: 98 X-PLOR Brunger