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Structural mechanisms of human RecQ helicases WRN and BLM.

(2014) Front Genet 5

PubMed: 25400656 | PubMedCentral: PMC4212688 | DOI: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00366

This model was constructed in silico by the following procedures: first, the structure of BLM 640–1291 (PDB ID: 4O3M; Swan et al., 2014 ) was superimposed onto our previous binding model of th... WRN RQC-HJ complex ( Kitano et al., 2010 ) using the RQC domain and DNA duplex region as references.

(B) BLM RQC domain (PDB ID: 4O3M; Swan et al., 2014 ).

(A) BLM 640–1291 bound to a 3′-overhang duplex (PDB ID: 4O3M; Swan et al., 2014 ).

(B) The β-wing of BLM RQC (PDB ID: 4O3M; Swan et al., 2014 ) is capped by polar (Asn1164) and acidic (Asp1165) residues.

(B) Crystal structure of BLM 640–1291 bound to a 3′-overhang duplex (PDB ID: 4O3M; Swan et al., 2014 ).

Publication Year: 2014

PubMed ID is not available.

Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4446433

In addition, residues 798–808, which form the aromatic-rich loop, are disordered in that structure (4O3M) and the helical region of helicase motif V adopts a significantly different conformati... n.

Despite these slight differences the β-hairpin forms a very similar conformation in both structures with a single additional unpaired Guanine base on the 5′ end being visible in 4O3M, which makes polar contacts to N1164 in the β-hairpin.

Nucleotide binding and hydrolysis is accompanied by the association of the HRDC domain, the adoption of the conformation of D1 and D2 found in the BLM crystal structures and the transition of the DNA from the pre-translocation state (found in our structure), to the post-translocation state based on PDB: 4O3M.

Comparisons with other BLM structures During the late stages of preparation of this manuscript another study was published in which the authors describe a structure of BLM in complex with ADP and DNA (PDB: 4O3M; ( 67 )).

Publication Year: 2015

PubMed ID is not available.

Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4464074

Atomic structures containing the RecQ helicase core together with the HRDC domain have been solved only for human BLM 23 (PDB codes 4O3M, 4CDG, 4CGZ).

Discussion Although the HRDC domain has generally been considered as an auxiliary ssDNA-binding element, recent crystal structures of human BLM constructs showed that the HRDC domain can fold back onto and interact with both RecA domains, both in the presence and absence of DNA (pdb ids.: 4CGZ, 4CGD, 4O3M) ( Fig. 1c ) 23 .

Interestingly, crystal structures of ADP- and DNA-bound ternary complexes of BLM show two different conformations (PDB codes 4CGZ and 4O3M) 23 .

Publication Year: 2015