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Structural insights into DNA repair by RNase T--an exonuclease processing 3' end of structured DNA in repair pathways.

(2014) PLoS Biol 12

PubMed: 24594808 | PubMedCentral: PMC3942315 | DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1001803

Accession Numbers Structural coordinates and diffraction structure factors have been deposited in the RCSB Protein Data Bank with the PDB ID codes of 4KB0 and 4KB1 for RNase T-bulge DNA complexes and ... KAZ for the RNase T-Y structured-DNA complex.

(C) Schematic diagram of three different binding modes for RNase T bound to a bulge DNA (this study, PDB ID codes 4KB0 and 4KB1), a duplex DNA with a short 3′ overhang (previous study [26] , [27] , PDB ID codes 3NH2 and 3VA3), and a Y-structured DNA (this study, PDB ID code 4KAZ).

The schematic diagram in the upper left panel shows the Y-structure DNA with a dotted line indicating the disordered DNA region in the crystal structure (PDB ID code 4KAZ).

Publication Year: 2014