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The still mysterious roles of cysteine-containing glutathione transferases in plants.

(2014) Front Pharmacol 5

PubMed: 25191271 | PubMedCentral: PMC4138524 | DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2014.00192

LigG S. paucimobilis GSH SO 2- 4 ; Acetate 4G10 Meux et al., 2012 GSTB BphK B. xenovorans GSH 2-Hydroxy-6-oxo-6-phenylhexa-2,4-dienoic acid 2DSA Tocheva et al., 2006 GSTB E. coli GTS – 1A0F Ni... hida et al., 1998 GSTB M. haemolytica GSH Triethylene glycol; Cl − ; Acetate 4IW9 Unpublished GSTB M. capsulatus GSH Glycerol 3UAR Unpublished GSTB O. anthropi GSH SO 2- 4 2NTO Federici et al., 2007 GSTB P. mirabilis GSH – 1PMT Rossjohn et al., 1998 GSTB S. flexneri GSH – 4KGI Unpublished GSTB S. paucimobilis GSH – 1F2E Unpublished GSTB X. fastidiosa GSH Cl − 2X64 Unpublished GSTB Y. pestis GSH Glycerol 4G9H Unpublished CLIC EXC-4 C. elegans – Ca 2+ 2YV9 Littler et al., 2008 CLIC D. melanogaster – Ca 2+ ; I − 2YV7 Littler et al., 2008 CLIC CLIC1 H. sapiens GSH – 1K0N Harrop et al., 2001 CLIC CLIC4 H. sapiens – – 2AHE Littler et al., 2004 CLIC CLIC2 H. sapiens GSH – 2R4V Cromer et al., 2007 CLIC CLIC3 H. sapiens – SO 2- 4 3FY7 Littler et al., 2010 GRX Grx2 E. coli – – 1G7O Xia et al., 2001 GRX Grx2 S. enterica GSH SO 2- 4 ; Cl − 3IR4 Unpublished GSTO * GSTO3-3 B. mori – Glycerol 3RBT Chen et al., 2011 GSTO GSTO1-1 H. sapiens GSH SO 2- 4 1EEM Board et al., 2000 GSTO GSTO2-2 H. sapiens GSH Cl − 3Q19 Zhou et al., 2012 mPGES-2 M. fascicularis – Indomethacin; Cl − ; Acetate 1Z9H Yamada et al., 2005 GHR YqjG E. coli – GS-menadione 4G0K Green et al., 2012 GHR C. glutamicum – 1,2-Ethanediol; Glycerol 3M1G Unpublished GHR P. chrysosporium GSH – 3PPU Meux et al., 2011 GHR PcpF S. chlorophenolicum – – 4FQU Green et al., 2012 GHR G. bronchialis – – 4PTS Unpublished GSTL GSTL3 P. trichocarpa GSH Ca 2+ 4PQI Lallement et al., 2014 GSTL GSTL1 P. trichocarpa GSH Na + 4PQH Lallement et al., 2014 Available Cys-GST structures have been retrieved from the RCSB Protein data bank ( ).

Publication Year: 2014