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Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4409394

Each Mg 2+ ion maintained a hexa-coordinated octahedral geometry, which was also observed in the pCDK2/cyclin A complex bound to ADP with one Mg 2+ ion (PDB code 4II5) or with two Mg 2+ ions (PDB code... 4I3Z), as shown in Fig 7D and 7E , respectively.

(A) pCDK9/cyclin T1/ATP/2MG/Tat complex in System 5, (B) TS complex pCDK2/cyclinA/ADP/2MG/MgF 3 - /peptide (PDB code 3QHR) solved at pH 8.0, (C) TS complex pCDK2/cyclinA/ADP/2MG/MgF 3 - /peptide (PDB code 3QHW) solved at pH 8.25, (D) pCDK2/cyclinA/ADP/1MG complex (PDB code 4II5), (E) pCDK2/cyclinA/ADP/2MG complex (PDB code 4I3Z).

Publication Year: 2015