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Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4409056

The structure of MBP-MCL1 with fragment 4 (yellow) determined to 2.4 Å (blue) overlaid with the structure of MCL1 171–323 determined at 2.4 Å (PDB ID 4HW3, gray).

NMR-derived distance restraints were used to generate a computational pose of fragment 3 in the BH3 binding groove of MCL1 and the fragment was extended to create the inhibitor bound in PDB ID 4HW3.

MBP-MCL1 bound to fragment 4 adopts a very similar conformation to PDB ID 4HW3 (superposition r.m.s.d. of MBP-MCL1 bound to 4 and PDB ID 4HW3 0.48 Å overall, calculated on all common Cα).

g006 Fig 6 Comparison of PDB 4HW3 and MBP-MCL1 with fragment 4.

The carboxylic acid of 4HW3 adopts multiple conformations depending on the chain; only chain A is shown for clarity.

Publication Year: 2015