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Analysis of mRNA recognition by human thymidylate synthase.

(2014) Biosci Rep 34

PubMed: 25423174 | PubMedCentral: PMC4274661 | DOI: 10.1042/BSR20140137

The structure of hTS obtained at high salt (PDB: 4GYH) was nearly identical to a previously published crystal structure of the enzyme in the inactive conformation in a complex with the allosteric inhi... itor PDPA (1,3-propanediphosphonic acid) (PDB: 2ONB) [ 23 ].

Two sulfate ions shown are part of the 4GYH structure.

Figure 2 Superposition of hTS structures The protein structures were determined by X-ray diffraction from crystals grown at low (green, PDB code 4H1I) and high (grey, PDB code 4GYH) salt conditions.

Figure 5 Results from TS site 1 RNA cross-linking with hTS Cross-linking results were mapped on the protein crystal structure determined at high salt conditions (grey, PDB code 4GYH) which corresponds to the RNA-binding inactive conformation of the enzyme.

Coordinates and structure factors for the hTS protein have been deposited in the RCSB PDB under accession codes 4H1I (low salt structure) and 4GYH (high salt structure).

In both the low and high salt structures 4GYH and 4H1I, a sulfate ion was located at the position of the dUMP phosphate group in the ternary complex.

Only one subunit is shown for 4GYH, the dimer for 1HVY.

Publication Year: 2014