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PubMed ID is not available.

Published in 2014

PubMedCentral: PMC4170813

Table 1 Targets for SPLIF Benchmarking Collected from DUD-E class target description PDB actives a decoys a Gscore cutoff b refs kinase FAK1 focal adhesion kinase 1 3bz3 100 (71) 5350 ... 2131) –6.0 ( 9 ) (1mp8, 2etm, 2ijm, 3bz3, 4gu6, 4gu9, 4i4e, 4k8a, 4kab) AKT1 serine/threonine-protein kinase AKT 3cqw 293 (199) 16450 (6131) –5.0 ( 12 ) (3cqu, 3cqw, 3mv5, 3mvh, 3ocb, 3ow4, 3qkk, 3cql, 3qkm, 4ekk, 4ekl, 4gv1) protease ACE angiotensin-converting enzyme 3bkl 282 (277) 16900 (16454) –2.5 ( 13 ) (1o86, 1uze, 1uzf, 2c6n, 2oc2, 2xy9, 2xyd, 2ydm, 3bkk, 3bkl, 3l3n, 3nxq, 4bxk) TRYB1 tryptase beta-1 2zec 148 (59) 7650 (1657) –6.0 ( 5 ) (2f9p, 2f9n, 2zeb, 2zec, 4a6l) HMDH HMG-CoA reductase 3ccw 170 (170) 8750 (8456) –2.5 22 (1dq8, 1dq9, 1dqa, 1hw8, 1hw9, 1hwi, 1hwj, 1hwk, 1hwl, 2q1l, 2q6b, 2q6c, 2r4f, 3bgl, 3cct, 3ccw, 3ccz, 3cd0, 3cd5, 3cd7, 3cda, 3cdb) GPCR ADRB1 Beta-1 adrenergic receptor 2vt4 247 (240) 15842 (13932) –4.0 ( 14 ) (2vt4, 2y00, 2y01, 2y02, 2y03, 2y04, 2ycw, 2ycx, 2ycy, 2ycz, 3zpq, 3zpr, 4ami, 4amj) nuclear receptor MCR mineralocorticoid receptor 2aa2 94 (66) 5150 (2481) –6.0 ( 13 ) (2aa2, 1y9r, 1ya3, 2a3i, 2aa5, 2aa6, 2aa7, 2aax, 2ab2, 2abi, 2oax, 3vhu, 3vhv) PRGR progesterone receptor 3kba 293 (222) 15650 (12914) –5.0 ( 17 ) (1a28, 1e3k, 1sqn, 1sr7, 1zuc, 2ovh, 2ovm, 2w8y, 3d90, 3g8o, 3hq5, 3kba, 3zr7, 3zra, 3zrb, 4a2j, 4apu) ion channel GRIK1 glutamate receptor ionotropic kainate 1 1vso 101 (96) 6550 (5980) –2.5 ( 17 ) (1txf, 1vso, 1ycj, 2f34, 2f35, 2f36, 2pbw, 2qs1, 2qs2, 2qs3, 2qs4, 2wky, 3gba, 3gbb, 3s2v, 4dld, 4e0x) synthase PGH2 cyclooxygenase-2 3ln1 435 (374) 23150 (17948) –5.0 27 (1cvu, 1cx2, 1ddx, 1pxx, 3hs5, 3hs6, 3hs7, 3krk, 3ln0, 3ln1, 3mdl, 3nt1, 3ntb, 3ntg, 3olt, 3olu, 3pgh, 3q7d, 3qh0, 3qmq, 3rr3, 3tzi, 4cox, 4e1g, 4fm5, 4llz, 6cox) a Initial numbers of actives and decoys from DUD-E with the numbers after the Gscore filter included in parentheses.

Publication Year: 2014

PubMed ID is not available.

Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4413885

The structural information from the theoretically modeled complex may help us to clarify the binding mechanism between Akt (PDB: 4GV1, this 3D crystal structure of Akt is replaced serine with aspartic... acid in position 473 for simulation of Ser473 phosphorylation) and apigenin (CID: 5280443).

Publication Year: 2015