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High-resolution NMR studies of structure and dynamics of human ERp27 indicate extensive interdomain flexibility.

(2013) Biochem J 450

PubMed: 23234573 | PubMedCentral: PMC4203274 | DOI: 10.1042/BJ20121635

We were provided with the atomic co-ordinates of an X-ray structure of full-length ERp27 in advance of publication (PDB code 4F9Z) allowing a direct comparison of our inferred interface with t... at determined by X-ray diffraction.

This putative interface region was considerably more extensive than that found in the X-ray structure of full-length ERp27 (PDB code 4F9Z, H. Schindelin and F.-X.

Simulation of the flexibility of full-length ERp27 The atomic co-ordinates of full-length ERp27 (PDB code 4F9Z) were kindly provided by F.-X.

The orientation in the PDB code 2B5E crystal structure of PDI is indicated by a grey arrow and that in the ERp27 crystal structure (PDB code 4F9Z [ 43 ]) by a black arrow.

Publication Year: 2013