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Structural characterisation of the nuclear import receptor importin alpha in complex with the bipartite NLS of Prp20.

(2013) PLoS One 8

PubMed: 24339986 | PubMedCentral: PMC3858281 | DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0082038

References for PDB ID 3UKW The minor site involves hydrogen-bond interactions between the side chain of Prp20NLS Lys 3 with the side chain of Thr 328 , and main chain of Val 321 and Asn 361 , whilst t... e P2′-binding site shows multiple interactions involving a salt bridge between the guanidinium of Prp20NLS Arg 4 and the carboxylate of Glu 396 ; and hydrogen bonding between the Prp20NLS Arg 4 side chain and the main chain of Ser 360 , and the main chain of Prp20NLS Arg 4 with the side chain of Asn 361 .

Publication Year: 2013