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PubMed ID is not available.

Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4318763

ACCESSION CODES BMRB ( ): 19089, 19090, 19091, 19092, and 19093 PDB: 4JL5 (AAdk1), 4JLD (AAdk2), 4JLB (AAdk3), 4JL8 (AAdk4), 4JL6 (AAdk5), 4JLA (AAdk6), 4JKY (AAdk7), 3SR0 (AA... k8), 4JLO (AAdk9), 4JLP (AAdk10), 4CF7 (AAdk11) REFERENCES FOR MAIN TEXT 1 Westheimer FH Why nature chose phosphates Science 235 1173 1178 1987 2434996 2 Bowler MW Cliff MJ Waltho JP Blackburn GM Why did Nature select phosphate for its dominant roles in biology?

(e) Superposition of Mg 2+ –ADP–AMP–AlF 4 – (PDB 3SR0, green) with Mg 2+ –ADP–ADP (blue).

Publication Year: 2015