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Modulation of epigenetic targets for anticancer therapy: clinicopathological relevance, structural data and drug discovery perspectives.

(2013) Curr Pharm Des 19

PubMed: 23016851 | PubMedCentral: PMC3529403 | DOI: null

Available Three-dimensional Structures of Mammals DNMTs Name Organism PDB ID Ligand Domain References DNMT1 Mus musculus 3AV4 DNMT1   3AV5 SAH DNMT1 3AV6 SAM DNMT1 3PT6 DNA, SAH DNMT1 [ 414 ] ... PT9 SAH DNMT1 and DNA complex Homo sapiens 3EPZ RFTS domain, Beta-d-glucose DNMT1 [ 415 ] 3PTA DNA, SAH RFTS [ 414 ] 3SWR Sinefungin, MES a , DNMT1 and DNA complex 3OS5 SETD7, SAH DNMT1 [ 386 ] DNMT2 Homo sapiens 1G55 SAH Complex with SETD7 [ 412 ] DNMT3A Homo sapiens 2QRV DMNT2 (deleted in 191-237) [ 416 ] 3A1A DNMT3a-DNMT3L C-terminal complex [ 417 ] 3A1B ADD and histone H3 complex 3LLR ADD and histone H3 complex [ 418 ] DNMT3B Mus musculus 1KHC PWWP [ 419 ] Homo sapiens 3FLG PWWP 3QKJ PWWP [ 418 ] DNMT3L Homo sapiens 2PV0 PWWP [ 420 ] 2PVC Histone H3 peptide DNMT3L 2QRV SAH DNMT3L - DNMT3a C-terminal complex [ 416 ] a ligand PDB ID Table 7.

Publication Year: 2013