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Structures of KaiC circadian clock mutant proteins: a new phosphorylation site at T426 and mechanisms of kinase, ATPase and phosphatase.

(2009) PLoS One 4

PubMed: 19956664 | PubMedCentral: PMC2777353 | DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007529

The structures are homologous to that of wt-KaiC and diffraction data were phased using the molecular replacement technique and the KaiC structure with PDB ID code 3DVL [4] , [... 9] .

Mutant structures were determined with the Molecular Replacement technique using the program CNS [34] and the wt-KaiC structure with PDB ID 3DVL [19] as the search model.

Publication Year: 2009

Combined SAXS/EM based models of the S. elongatus post-translational circadian oscillator and its interactions with the output His-kinase SasA.

(2011) PLoS One 6

PubMed: 21887298 | PubMedCentral: PMC3161067 | DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023697

Data were integrated and scaled with HKL2000 [54] and the initial orientation of KaiC was established by molecular replacement with the program CNS [55] , using as the search model the wt-structure (P... B ID 3DVL [30] minus water and Mg 2+ and with residues pS431 and pT432 mutated to alanine).

(C) Envelope for KaiC hexamer (KaiC-aa mutant) with the crystal structure of wt-KaiC (PDB ID 3DVL [30] ) modeled into it.

Protein/Complex R G [P(r)] [Å] R G (Guinier)[Å] Model R G (Model) [Å] NSD 1) KaiA 32.42±0.03 33.3±0.2 PDB ID 1R8J [23] 34.0 0.95 (0.03) KaiB 33.66±0.01 30.3±0.1 PDB ID 2QKE [26] 30.3 0.84 (0.02) KaiC 46.36±0.02 47.4±0.1 PDB ID 3DVL [30] 42.0 0.66 (0.05) KaiAC 55.80±0.07 59.7±0.4 KaiC with tethered KaiA [34] 66.1 0.76 (0.03) KaiBC 46.90±0.06 46.2±0.2 KaiBC EM model [26] 45.4 0.89 (0.01) KaiC-SasA 49.70±0.10 47.7±0.5 KaiC-SasA model ( Fig.

The calculated ESPs for the hypo-phosphorylated form of KaiC (PDB ID 3DVL, computationally modified to have no phosphorylated residues), KaiC-ee (this work), and the hyper-phosphorylated form of KaiC (P-KaiC; PDB 3DVL, computationally modified to have twelve phosphorylated residues) are depicted in Figure 4C .

Publication Year: 2011