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Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4466236

MvaT ctd -bound 3AT shows increased roll and inclination angles compared with a free DNA decamer d(GGATATATCC) 2 with the same central ATATAT sequence (PDB 2LWG [ 51 ]), ~9.6° and ~15.5 ... ; per step in average respectively ( Fig 5A ), indicating that the base pairs locally bend toward the major groove and thus open the minor groove [ 49 ].

(A) Selected helix parameters of the solution structures of MvaT ctd -bound 3AT DNA (blue), a free DNA with ATATAT sequence (PDB 2LWG) (magenta) and an A-tract DNA with AAAAAA sequence (PDB 1FZX [ 52 ]) (gold).

(B) Mean structures of MvaT ctd -bound 3AT (blue), 2LWG (magenta) and 1FZX (gold).

Publication Year: 2015