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Structure-based ensemble-QSAR model: a novel approach to the study of the EGFR tyrosine kinase and its inhibitors.

(2014) Acta Pharmacol Sin 35

PubMed: 24335842 | PubMedCentral: PMC4076596 | DOI: 10.1038/aps.2013.148

Original PDB code Resolution (Å) Mutation Conformation (Inactive or active form) Re-compiled code 1M17 2.60   active 1M17 1M17_W 1XKK 2.40   inactive 1XKK 1XKK_W 2GS7 2.60 V948... inactive 2GS7_A 2GS7_AW         2GS7_B 2GS7_BW 2ITN 2.47 G719S active 2ITN 2ITN_W         2ITN_M 2ITN_WM 2ITO 3.25 G719S inactive 2ITO 2ITO_M 2ITP 2.74 G719S active 2ITP 2ITP_W         2ITP_M 2ITP_WM 2ITQ 2.68 G719S inactive 2ITQ 2ITQ_M 2ITT 2.73 L858R active 2ITT 2ITT_W         2ITT_M 2ITT_WM 2ITU 2.80 L858R active 2ITU 2ITU_W         2ITU_M 2ITU_WM 2ITV 2.47 L858R active 2ITV 2ITV_W         2ITV_M 2ITV_WM 2ITW 2.88   active 2ITW 2ITW_W 2ITX 2.98   active 2ITX   2ITY 3.42   active 2ITY 2ITY_W 2ITZ 2.80   active 2ITZ 2ITZ_W 2J6M 3.10   active 2J6M 2J6M_W 2JIU 3.05 T790M active 2JIU_A 2JIU_AW         2JIU_AM 2JIU_AWM 2RGP 2.00   inactive 2RGP 2RGP_W 3BEL 2.30   inactive 3BEL   3GT8 3.95 V948R inactive 3GT8_A 3GT8_B         3GT8_C 3GT8_D Each new code consists of two parts separated by an underscore.

Publication Year: 2014