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The scientific impact of the Structural Genomics Consortium: a protein family and ligand-centered approach to medically-relevant human proteins.

(2007) J Struct Funct Genomics 8

PubMed: 17932789 | PubMedCentral: PMC2140095 | DOI: 10.1007/s10969-007-9027-2

A striking example was the case of the RGS domain from RGS10, in which NMR relaxation data confirmed true local mobility in a region of the domain which not only lacked in NMR restraints, but also sho... ed no electron density in the crystal structure of the complex of RGS10 with G-alpha-i3 (PDB 2IHB).

Publication Year: 2007

Integrating energy calculations with functional assays to decipher the specificity of G protein-RGS protein interactions.

(2011) Nat Struct Mol Biol 18

PubMed: 21685921 | PubMedCentral: PMC3130846 | DOI: 10.1038/nsmb.2068

Methods Atomic structural models The atomic models of the RGS-domains–Gα complexes used in the calculations were taken from the following PDB entries: 1AGR (Gα i1 –RGS4... ; 2IK8 (Gα i1 –RGS16); 3C7K (Gα o –RGS16); 2IHB (Gα i3 –RGS10); 2GTP (Gα i1 –RGS1); 2ODE (Gα i3 –RGS8); 1FQJ (Gα i1/t –RGS9); 2V4Z (Gα i3 –RGS2-C106S/N184D/E191K triple mutant) 24 – 28 .

Missing short segments in 2IK8 (Gα i1 residues 112–118), 2IHB (RGS10 residues 103–113), and 2GTP (Gα i1 residues 112–118) were modeled based on the structure of Gα i1 –RGS4 (PDB id 1AGR) using the program Nest 56 and partial or missing side chains were modeled using Scap 57 .

The PDB IDs of these structures are: 1AGR (RGS4); 2IK8 (RGS16h, human RGS16); 3C7K (RGS16m, mouse RGS16); 2IHB (RGS10); 2GTP (RGS1); 2ODE (RGS8); 1FQJ (RGS9); 2V4Z (RGS2*, gain-of-function RGS2 triple mutant, see Methods).

Publication Year: 2011