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Protein Machineries Involved in the Attachment of Heme to Cytochrome c: Protein Structures and Molecular Mechanisms.

(2013) Scientifica (Cairo) 2013

PubMed: 24455431 | PubMedCentral: PMC3884852 | DOI: 10.1155/2013/505714

System I (SI) SI structural features System II (SII) SII structural features System III (SIII) SIII structural features Function(s) CcmA ABC transporter; membrane n-side; nucleotide-binding domain Res... (CcsB) 5-6 TM helices; 1 large periplasmic domain; conserved His residues HCCS Membrane-associated protein; conserved His residues Heme translocation and delivery CcmB ABC transporter; 6 TM helices ResC (CcsA) 6–8 TM helices; WWD domain; conserved His residues       CcmC 6 TM helices; periplasmic WWD domain           CcmD Small membrane protein; 1 TM helix           CcmE 1 TM helix; OB-fold 1SR3, 1LM0, 1J6Q, 2KCT           CcmG 1 TM helix; TRX-like fold 1Z5Y, 2B1K, 1KNG, 3KH7, 3KH9, 3K8N ResA TRX-like fold 2H1B, 1SU9, 1ST9, 2F9S     apoCyt thioreduction CcmH 1 TM helix; 3-helix bundle fold 2HL7, 2KW0 CcdA 6 TM helices       CcmF 10–15 TM helices; periplasmic WWD domain; conserved His residues.

Publication Year: 2013