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Modelling substrate specificity and enantioselectivity for lipases and esterases by substrate-imprinted docking.

(2009) BMC Struct Biol 9

PubMed: 19493341 | PubMedCentral: PMC2699341 | DOI: 10.1186/1472-6807-9-39

Table 6 RMSD of human butyrylcholine esterase after optimization All-atom RMSD [Å] total choline pocket 1P0M/ACh 0.49 0.29 (59%) a 1P0M/BuCh 0.50 0.33 (66%) a 1XLU/ACh 0.50 0.55 (109%) 1XLU/Bu... h 0.48 0.54 (113%) 1XLV/ACh 0.52 0.57 (109%) 1XLV/BuCh 0.50 0.57 (113%) 1XLW/ACh 0.48 0.54 (113%) 1XLW/BuCh 0.52 0.56 (107%) All-atom RMSD of the choline pocket of huBuChE in comparison to the all-atoms RMSD of the whole protein after geometry optimisation.

¿From the four huBuChE X-ray structures, one had been resolved with a non-covalently bound product molecule (1P0M) and three had been resolved in a covalent complex with a small substrate analogous inhibitor (1XLU, 1XLV, 1XLW).

Methods Preparation of protein structures and substrates X-ray structures of CALB (1LBS, 1LBT, 1TCA, 1TCB, 1TCC), CRL (1CLE, 1CRL, 1LPM, 1LPN, 1LPO, 1LPP, 1LPS), BCL (2LIP, 3LIP, 4LIP, 5LIP, 1OIL, 1YS1, 1YS2), TcAChE (1CFJ, 1DX6, 1E3Q, 1EVE, 1VXR, 1QIM), and huBuChE (1P0M, 1XLU, 1XLV, 1XLW) were retrieved from the Protein Data Bank [ 1 ] .

Publication Year: 2009