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Automated docking screens: a feasibility study.

(2009) J Med Chem 52

PubMed: 19719084 | PubMedCentral: PMC2745826 | DOI: 10.1021/jm9006966

Five targets achieved good poses with all parametrizations, yet the ligand never ranked well (Figure 5 and , class 4): 1IA1 , 1J3J , 1TZ8 , 1XM6, and 1XOQ ...

Publication Year: 2009

Variability in docking success rates due to dataset preparation.

(2012) J Comput Aided Mol Des 26

PubMed: 22566074 | PubMedCentral: PMC3397132 | DOI: 10.1007/s10822-012-9570-1

Table 1 Complexes requiring additional preparation Inconsistent stereo configuration  1GKC 1L7F 1R55 1VCJ  1GM8 1M2Z 1R58 1W1P  1GPK 1MMV 1R9O 1W2G  1HP0 1OF1 1... 19 1X8X  1HVY 1OF6 1S3V 1XM6  1HWI 1OYT 1SQ5 1YGC  1HWW 1P2Y 1SQN 1YQY  1K3U 1P62 1TT1 1YV3  1KE5 1Q1G 1UML 1YWR  1KZK 1R1H 1V0P Co-factors with incorrect number of hydrogens  1G9V 1KZK 1Q1G 1W1P  1HWI 1M2Z 1Q4G 1W2G  1IA1 1MMV 1R9O 1XM6  1J3J 1OPK 1T9B 1XOQ  1JJE 1P62 1TZ8 Alternate locations missing hydrogens  1GM8 1OPK 1T9B 1XOZ  1HNN 1OQ5 1TZ8 1Y6B  1HP0 1Q4G 1UOU 1YV3  1IA1 1R1H 1VCJ 1YWR  1KZK 1S19 1W1P 1Z95  1L2S 1S3V 1X8X 2BR1  1N46 1T46 1XOQ The ‘modified’ ACS-Astex dataset Upon closer examination of some of the complexes it was noted that the hydrogen bond network was not optimal and therefore further optimization was warranted.

Table 2 Complexes requiring capping of chain termini or chain breaks Complexes requiring capping of chain termini  1GKC 1MEH 1Q41 1V48  1GM8 1 MMV 1R55 1V4S  1GPK 1 MZC 1R9O 1W1P  1HNN 1N1M 1S19 1W2G  1HP0 1N2J 1SJ0 1XM6  1HWI 1N2V 1SQN 1XOQ  1HWW 1N46 1T46 1XOZ  1IG3 1OF1 1T9B 1Y6B  1J3J 1OF6 1TT1 1YGC  1JD0 1OPK 1TZ8 1YQY  1JJE 1OQ5 1U1C 1YV3  1JLA 1OYT 1U4D 1YVF  1K3U 1P2Y 1UML 1YWR  1LPZ 1P62 1UNL 2BM2  1LRH 1PMN 1UOU 2BR1  1M2Z 1Q1G 1V0P 2BSM Complexes requiring capping of chain breaks  1GPK 1N46 1SJ0 1V48  1HP0 1NAV 1SQ5 1W2G  1HWI 1OF1 1SQN 1XM6  1J3J 1OF6 1T46 1XOQ  1JLA 1OYT 1T9B 1Y6B  1KE5 1P62 1U1C 1YV3  1L2S 1PMN 1U4D 1YWR  1MEH 1Q41 1UOU 1Z95  1MMV 1R9O 1V0P 2BR1 The ‘corrected’ ACS-Astex dataset After the session transpired at the ACS meeting, 3 structures from the ACS-Astex set (1GPK, 1HVY and 1S3V) were identified as containing an inverted stereocenter in the original dataset given to the participants compared to the original PDB structure.

Publication Year: 2012