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Identification and Characterization of Noncovalent Interactions That Drive Binding and Specificity in DD-Peptidases and ?-Lactamases.

(2014) J Chem Theory Comput 10

PubMed: 24803854 | PubMedCentral: PMC3985439 | DOI: 10.1021/ct400968v

2 Computational Details 2.1 Molecular Dynamics and QM/MM Minimization The cocrystallized structures of benzylpenicillin and perfect penicillin covalently bound to DD-peptidase Streptomyces R61 (PDB ID... 1PWC and 1PWG, respectively) were used throughout.

Publication Year: 2014

Pharmacophore-based virtual screening versus docking-based virtual screening: a benchmark comparison against eight targets.

(2009) Acta Pharmacol Sin 30

PubMed: 19935678 | PubMedCentral: PMC4007494 | DOI: 10.1038/aps.2009.159

Target PDB entries a Number of Actives b ACE 1UZF, 1O86, 1UZE * 14 AChE 1ACJ, 1ACL, 1AMN, 1AX9, 1DX6, 1E3Q, 1E66, 1EVE, 1GPK, 1GPN, 1GQR, 1GQS, 1H22, 1H23, 1HBJ, 1JJB, 1OCE, 1ODC, 1U65, 1UT6, ... VOT, 1W4L, 1W6R, 1W76, 1ZGC, 2ACE, 2ACK * , 2BAG, 2C4H, 2C5F, 2C5G, 2C58, 2CEK, 2CKM, 2CMF, 2J3Q, 2VB4 22 AR 1E3G * , 1GS4, 1T5Z, 1T63, 1T65, 1XJ7, 1XOW, 1XQ3, 1Z95, 2AM9, 2AMA, 2AMB, 2AO6, 2AX6, 2AX7, 2AX8, 2AX9, 2AXA, 2HVC, 2OZ7, 2PIO, 2PIP, 2PIQ, 2PIR, 2PIT, 2PIU, 2PIV, 2PIW, 2PIX, 2PKL, 2PNU, 2Q7I, 2Q7J, 2Q7K, 2Q7L, 2Z4J 16 DacA 1CEF, 1CEG * , 1HVB, 1IKG, 1IKI, 1MPL, 1PW1, 1PW8, 1PWC, 1PWD, 1PWG, 1SCW, 1SDE, 1YQS 3 DHFR 1BOZ * , 1KMS, 1KMV, 1S3U, 1S3V, 1S3W, 2DHF, 1DLS, 1U72, 1MVS, 1MVT, 1DLR, 1U71, 1HFP, 1HFQ, 1HFR, 1OHJ, 1OHK, 1DHF, 1DRF, 1PD8, 1PD9 8 ERα 1A52, 1AKF, 1ERE, 1ERR, 1G50, 1GWQ, 1GWR, 1L2I, 1PCG * , 1QKT, 1R5K, 1UOM, 1X7E, 1X7R, 1XP1, 1XP6, 1XP9, 1XPC, 1YIM, 1ZKY, 2AYR, 2B1V, 2B1Z, 2BJ4, 2FAI, 2G44, 2G5O, 2I0J, 2IOG, 2JF9, 2JFA, 2OUZ, 2P15, 2POG, 2Q6J, 2Q70, 2QE4, 3ERD, 3ERT 32 HIV-pr 1AID, 1HVH, 1HVR, 1HWR, 1IZH, 1IZI, 1JLD, 1KZK, 1NPV, 1NPW, 1T3R, 1T7K, 1TCX, 1XL2, 1XL5, 1YT9, 2A4F * , 2AID, 2F3K, 2FDD, 2FDE, 2FGU, 2FGV, 2HC0, 2NXD, 2NXM, 2P3A, 2P3B, 2P3C, 2P3D, 3AID, 4PHV 9 TK 1E2I, 1E2J, 1E2K * , 1E2L, 1E2M, 1E2N, 1E2P, 1KI2, 1KI3, 1KI4, 1KI6, 1KI7, 1KI8, 1KIM, 1OF1, 1P7C, 1QHI, 1VTK, 2KI5, 2VTK, 3VTK 8 a All the X-ray crystal structures of the complexes of each target in complex with ligands were used in the construction of pharmacophore models.

Publication Year: 2009

Can molecular dynamics and QM/MM solve the penicillin binding protein protonation puzzle?

(2014) J Chem Inf Model 54

PubMed: 24697903 | PubMedCentral: PMC4036751 | DOI: 10.1021/ci5000517

The cocrystallized structure of benzylpenicillin covalently bound to DD-peptidase, Streptomyces R61 (PDB ID: 1PWC) was used throughout.

Publication Year: 2014