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Published in 2014

PubMedCentral: PMC4317059

(B) Structure of a monomer of hWT SOD1 (PDB code: 1PU0) with peptide 21–53 highlighted in green.

Figure 2 Stereo ribbon diagrams of SODs and SORs: (A) CuZnSOD (PDB code: 1PU0); (B) NiSOD (PDB code: 1T6U); (C) MnSOD (PDB code: 3LSU); (D) FeSOD (PDB code: 3JS4); (E) P. furiosus 1Fe-SOR (PDB code: 1DO6); and (F) D. desulfuricans 2Fe-SOR (PDB code: 1DFX).

Figure 30 Stereo ribbon diagram of dimeric human SOD1 (top) (reproduced from ref ( 53 )) with the active site highlighted (PDB code: 1PU0) (bottom).

Publication Year: 2014