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Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4439547

We overlapped MtxA-Big domain with three of the Dali matches: Tenascin-R (PDB ID code 1TDQ-A, Z score = 8.3) (Lundell et al., 2004 ), fibronectin EDA (PDB ID code 1J8K, Z score = 8.4) (Niimi et al., 2... 01 ) and Fibronectin first type III module (PDB ID code 1OWW, Z score = 7.4) (Gao et al., 2003 ) (Figure 3C ).

(C) Superimposition overlay of MtxA-Big with three of the Dali serverés alignments in cartoon representation reveals the high structural similarity: MtxA-Big in orange, 1J8K in cyan, 1OWW in deep purple and 1TDQ in forest.

Publication Year: 2015