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A comparative reverse docking strategy to identify potential antineoplastic targets of tea functional components and binding mode.

(2011) Int J Mol Sci 12

PubMed: 21954353 | PubMedCentral: PMC3179160 | DOI: 10.3390/ijms12085200

PDB_ID Target Name Predicted by Procedures Implicated by Experiment Energy Score (kcal/mol) Reference or Related Disease 3BCH 67 kD laminin receptor Autodock YES −3.75 [ 2 ] 7HVP HIV protease ... utodock/Tarfisdock YES −5.01/−44.87 [ 18 ] 1GRE glutathione reductase Autodock YES −6.80 [ 19 , 20 ] 1IJH cholesterol oxidase Autodock YES −6.77 [ 21 ] 8CAT catalase Autodock YES −6.23 [ 22 ] 1JNY eEF1-α Autodock YES −5.70 [ 3 ] 1BOO DNA methyltransferase Autodock YES −4.66 [ 23 ] 2OZO ZAP-70 Autodock YES −3.81 [ 24 ] 2DQ7 Fyn kinase Autodock YES −4.91 [ 25 ] 1HS6 Leukotriene A4 Autodock/Tarfisdock NO −5.22/−48.2 Esophagus cancer 1FT2 Farnesyl protein transferase Autodock/Tarfisdock NO −4.1/−44.94 Cancer/Tumour 1UTR Mammalian PCB-binding protein Autodock NO −7.19 Lung Cancer 1JVM Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Autodock NO −6.58 Cardiomyopathie 1OG5 CYP450 Autodock NO −6.49 Tumour 1VKG Histone deacetylase Autodock NO −5.63 Tumour 1OOQ Dihyrofolate reductase Tarfisdock NO −46.42 Tumour 1IYH Hematopoietic Prostagladin Synthase Tarfisdock NO −44.50 Cancer 1PY5 TGF-beta receptor type I Tarfisdock NO −44.33 Renal carcinoma Table 2.

Publication Year: 2011

Structure-activity relationships of 3,3'-phenylmethylene-bis-4-hydroxycoumarins: selective and potent inhibitors of gram-positive bacteria.

(2013) ScientificWorldJournal 2013

PubMed: 24459419 | PubMedCentral: PMC3891237 | DOI: 10.1155/2013/178649

Comparative Modeling of a Protein Target from S. aureus First, we used protein sequences from the three crystal structures human NQO1 (pdb 2F1O), nitroreductase (pdb 1OOQ), and azoreductase (pdb 2Z9C)... from E. coli as primary information to identify homologous proteins from S. aureus .

This hypothesis also relies on the available 3D crystal structures of dicoumarol-oxidoreductase complexes such as human NQO1 (pdb 2F1O), nitroreductase (pdb 1OOQ), and azoreductase (pdb 2Z9C) from Escherichia coli .

Publication Year: 2013