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GSK3 beta N-terminus binding to p53 promotes its acetylation.

(2009) Mol Cancer 8

PubMed: 19265551 | PubMedCentral: PMC2660897 | DOI: 10.1186/1476-4598-8-14

The molecular rendering of a monomer of GSK3β was generated using the Cn3D software from the NCBI based on the protein data bank file 1O9U , and the p53 binding domain of GSK3β was dep... cted as yellow.

Publication Year: 2009

Allosteric regulation of glycogen synthase kinase 3?: a theoretical study.

(2010) Biochemistry 49

PubMed: 21105670 | PubMedCentral: PMC3005830 | DOI: null

The phosphate ion of Tyr 216 and the P-loop were modeled as in 1O9U , where the axin peptide is bound at a distal site away from the active site.

Table 3 Measures of Activity Level in Kinases kinase other components f PDB code (ref) spine RMSD (Å) c salt bridge (Å) d hydrogen bond (Å) e GSK-3β(p) a     2.37 15.44 6.43 GSK-3β(p) a substrate at ABS   1.06 11.59 3.11 GSK-3β(p) a substrate(p) at ABS   1.44 3.37 5.68 GSK-3β(p) a peptide inhibitor at ABS   1.34 13.22 6.56 GSK-3β(p) peptide activator AXIN at an ABS in the C-lobe 1O9U (( 24 )) 0.91 3.89 3.41 GSK-3β(p) peptide inhibitor FRATtide at an ABS in the C-lobe 1GNG (( 51 )) 1.18 3.60 3.14 CDK2 cyclinA at ABS 1FIN (( 33 )) 1.30 3.71 3.24 PDK1 small activator at ABS 3HRF (( 43 )) 1.21 3.46 4.56 aurora-A peptide at ABS 1OL5 (( 42 )) 1.26 3.64 3.28 PKB b peptide at SBS 1O6L (( 41 )) 0.66 3.71 3.22 GSK-3β(p) small drug at SBS 1H8F (( 20 )) 0.96 3.55 3.30 a Outcome of MD simulation.

To model the phosphorylated active unbound enzyme with ATP (apo GSK-3β(p)·ATP) ( 37 , 38 ), the phosphate ion coordinates of Tyr 216 were taken from the bound structure (PDB code 1O9U ) ( 24 ) and added to our unphosphorylated enzyme model.

Publication Year: 2010

WW domain-containing oxidoreductase promotes neuronal differentiation via negative regulation of glycogen synthase kinase 3?.

(2012) Cell Death Differ 19

PubMed: 22193544 | PubMedCentral: PMC3354054 | DOI: 10.1038/cdd.2011.188

Accordingly, the structure of the GSK3 β –AxinGID complex (PDB entry code: 1O9U) was used as a template to create an initial structure for the GSK3 β –WWOX 388−... 07 complex.

Publication Year: 2012

Structural basis of GSK-3 inhibition by N-terminal phosphorylation and by the Wnt receptor LRP6.

(2014) Elife 3

PubMed: 24642411 | PubMedCentral: PMC3953950 | DOI: 10.7554/eLife.01998

In the presence of peptide, Y216 points outward, away from the peptide, and adopts an identical conformation to that seen when it is phosphorylated (purple, GSK-3/Axin/ADZ structure; PDB 1O9U [ Dajani... et al., 2003 ]).

As seen in PDB 1O9U, Arg220 and Arg223 would also chelate the phosphate group.

The LRP6 c- and e-motif complexes were solved by molecular replacement using PDB ID 1O9U as the starting model.

Publication Year: 2014