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Iron and bismuth bound human serum transferrin reveals a partially-opened conformation in the N-lobe.

(2012) Sci Rep 2

PubMed: 23256035 | PubMedCentral: PMC3525939 | DOI: 10.1038/srep00999

Table 3 Comparison of the extent of opening of the cleft in the N-lobe of Fe N Fe C -hTF, Bi N Fe C -hTF with transferrin family proteins (as degree ( o )) a   apo-hTF Fe-hTF/2N apo-TF (hen) F... 2 -TF (hen) apo-TF (duck) Fe 2 -TF (duck) apo-LF (human) Fe 2 -LF (human) Fe 2 -TF (rabbit) Fe 2 -TF (porcine) Fe 2 -LF (bovine) Fe N Fe C -hTF −13.7 b 48.9 −14.4 47.0 −12.9 46.7 −13.2 40.8 49.2 50.1 45.4 Bi N Fe C -hTF −7.8 56.3 −14.1 53.8° −12.7 53.7 −8.4 47.6 56.2 56.9 52.3 a The N2-subdomains of Fe N Fe C -hTF and Bi N Fe C -hTF are superimposed to apo-hTF (PDB ID: 2HAV), Fe-hTF/2N (PDB ID: 1N84), apo-hen ovotransferrin (apo-TF (hen), PDB ID: 1AIV), diferric hen ovotransferrin (Fe 2 -TF (hen), PDB ID: 1OVT), apo-duck ovotransferrin (apo-TF (duck), PDB ID: 1AOV), ferric duck ovotransferrin (Fe 2 -TF (duck), PDB ID: 1DOT), apo-human lactoferrin (apo-LF (human), PDB ID: 1CB6), ferric human lactoferrin (Fe 2 -LF (human), PDB ID: 1BKA), ferric rabbit transferrin (Fe 2 -TF (rabbit), PDB ID: 1JNF), ferric porcine transferrin (Fe 2 -TF (porcine), PDB ID: 1H76) and ferric bovine lactoferrin (Fe 2 -LF (bovine), PDB ID: 1BLF), respectively.

Publication Year: 2012