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Transglutaminase 2 undergoes a large conformational change upon activation.

(2007) PLoS Biol 5

PubMed: 18092889 | PubMedCentral: PMC2140088 | DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.0050327

The structure was solved by molecular replacement using human transglutaminase 2 structure (Protein Data Bank PDB code 1KV3) as a starting model.

Accession Numbers The Protein Data Bank (PDB; ) accession number/PDB ID for the GDP-bound human transglutaminase is 1KV3.

Publication Year: 2007

Transglutaminase 6: a protein associated with central nervous system development and motor function.

(2013) Amino Acids 44

PubMed: 21984379 | PubMedCentral: PMC3535377 | DOI: 10.1007/s00726-011-1091-z

The data are shown as mean ± SD Based on the GDP-bound form of human TG2 (PDB code 1KV3, chain C, Liu et al.

Publication Year: 2013