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Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4397907

Comparison with a synchrotron data set We also compared the post-refined XFEL difference map (using all 757 diffraction images) with that calculated from an isomorphous synchrotron data set and model ... PDB ID: 1JW8, excluding reflections past 1.35 Å resolution to make the resolution of the diffraction data sets equivalent).

Difference Fourier ( mF o -DF o ) omit maps at 1.35 Å around the heme group (which was omitted from molecular replacement and model refinement), generated from ( A ) the synchrotron diffraction data and corresponding model with PDB ID 1JW8 (for comparison, all reflections past 1.35 Å resolution were excluded) and ( B ) the post-refined myoglobin XFEL diffraction data set using all 757 diffraction images ( Table 1 ).

Publication Year: 2015