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Crystal engineering of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase for structure-based drug design.

(2008) Nucleic Acids Res 36

PubMed: 18676450 | PubMedCentral: PMC2528191 | DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkn464

Superposition of the p51 subunit and the connection-RNase H domains of p66 for apo-RT69A, 1HNV and 1DLO structures results in a RMSD of 1.83 and 1.24 Å, respectively, with the major conformati... nal differences in all three structures between the fingers and thumb subdomains ( Supplementary Figure 4 ).

Like the previously determined apo-RT structures [PDB ID: 1DLO ( 19 ), 1HNV ( 27 )], apo-RT69A contains no NNRTI-binding pocket and has the thumb and fingers subdomains in a closed conformation.

Publication Year: 2008

Molecular docking studies of marine diterpenes as inhibitors of wild-type and mutants HIV-1 reverse transcriptase.

(2013) Mar Drugs 11

PubMed: 24172210 | PubMedCentral: PMC3853719 | DOI: 10.3390/md11114127

The coordinates of wild-type HIV-1 RT crystal structure were obtained from Protein Data Bank [ 39 ] (PDB code 1HNV) [ 40 ].

Publication Year: 2013