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Structure of a metal-independent bacterial glycosyltransferase that catalyzes the synthesis of histo-blood group A antigen.

(2012) Sci Rep 2

PubMed: 23230506 | PubMedCentral: PMC3516806 | DOI: 10.1038/srep00940

Comparison of BoGT6a with other members of the GT6 family BoGT6a is closely similar in structure to GTA (PDB id: 1ZI1 18 ), GTB (PDB id: 1R7U 19 ) and α3GT (PDB id: 1GX4 6 ) ( Fig. 1 ) with ov... rall r.m.s.d. 17 values of 1.96 (179 Cα atoms), 1.96 (180 Cα atoms) and 2.15 Å (200 Cα atoms) respectively.

Figure 4 Donor binding sites of (a) BoGT6a – UDP-GalNAc molecule modeled; (b) GTB-UDP-Gal (PDB id: 1ZJ1); (c) α3GT-UDP-2FGal (PDB id: 1GX4).

20124702 Figure 1 Cartoon representation of secondary structural elements of (a) BoGT6a (present study), (b) GTA (PDB id: 1ZI1) and c) α3GT (PDB id: 1GX4).

Models of complexes of UDP-Gal and UDP-GalNAc with BoGT6a were generated by molecular docking of UDP-Gal and UDP-GalNAc using α3GT in complex with UDP (PDB: 1GX4 6 ), UDP-Gal (PDB: 2VS5 11 ), as templates and UDP-GlcNAc extracted from its complex with MurG (PDB: 1NLM 22 ).

(a) BoGT6a in complex with FAL; (b) GTA in complex with H-antigen (PDB id: 1LZI); (c) GTB in complex with H-antigen (PDB id: 1LZJ); (d) α3GT in complex with LacNAc (PDB id: 1GX4).

Publication Year: 2012