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The FAD cofactor of RebC shifts to an IN conformation upon flavin reduction.

(2008) Biochemistry 47

PubMed: 19035832 | PubMedCentral: PMC3983088 | DOI: 10.1021/bi801229w

Table 3 Experimental Evidence for States of p -Hydroxybenzoate Hydroxylase Catalytic Cycle state description of state position of flavin crystallographically observed PDB ID biochemical evidence 1 sub... trate-free OPEN−IN equilibrium yes, but as R220Q mutant 1K0L( 13 ) slow substrate binding but otherwise unchanged catalysis of E49N mutant suggests two interconverting states ( 29 ); R220Q mutant more stable in OPEN than IN state ( 25 ); single molecule studies on substrate-free p HBH ( 30 ) 2 substrate-bound IN yes 1PBE( 26 )   3 substrate-bound, NADPH-bound transition to OUT no, but R220Q mutant observed with NADPH (no substrate) and wild type with alternate substrate observed in OUT conformation 1K0J( 13 ), 1DOD( 8 , 28 ) spectral shifts on flavin movement to the OUT position; R220K mutant stabilized in OUT conformation ( 31 ) 4 substrate-bound, FADH − , NADP + -bound OUT no, but R220Q mutant observed with NADPH (no substrate) 1K0J( 13 )   5 substrate-bound, FADH − IN yes not deposited ( 27 ) movement of reduced flavin to IN conformation driven by positive electrostatic field as shown by K297M mutant ( 15 ) 6 substrate-bound, flavin-C4a-O-OH IN no   observed spectroscopically ( 32 ) 7 product bound, flavin-C4a-OH transition to OPEN yes, but with product bound, FAD complex 1PHH( 33 ) observed spectroscopically ( 32 ) Our crystallographic observations have collectively captured three states of RebC.

Publication Year: 2008