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PubMed ID is not available.

Published in 2015

PubMedCentral: PMC4498622

PDB codes: 1IGO (pale green), 4IXL (red), 2DCK (green), 2F6B (blue), 1H4G (yellow), 1XYO (magenta), 1XXN (cyan), 1XNB (orange), 1HIX (wheat), 1XYN (gray), 3M4F (olive), 1UKR (light blue), and 1BK1 (pi... k).

S38 1HIX 6[ 51 ] Cluster B1 loop 5 Bcx Bacillus circulans 1XNB 5.7[ 52 ] Cluster B1 β-turn 6 Xyn2 Hypocrea jecorina RUT-C30 1XYO 5.3[ 53 ] Cluster B1 loop 10 XYNI Trichoderma reesei 1XYN 3.5[ 42 ] Cluster B2 loop 3 XYL1 Scytalidium acidophilum 3M4F 3.2[ 54 ] Cluster B2 loop 7 XynA Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 1UKR 3[ 8 ] Cluster B2 loop 2 XynC Aspergillus kawachii 1BK1 2[ 55 ] Cluster B2 loop 5 t = 4.667,P = 0.001.

Publication Year: 2015