Crystal structure of the complex formed by region of E. coli sigmaE bound to its -10 element non template strand

Experimental Data Snapshot

  • Resolution: 1.2 Å
  • R-Value Free: 0.165
  • R-Value Work: 0.147


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Classification: TRANSCRIPTION / DNA

Total Structure Weight: 28808.75

Macromolecule Entities
Molecule Chains Length Organism Details
RNA polymerase sigma factor A, C 106 Escherichia coli Fragment: UNP residues 3-92
Gene Name(s): rpoE A8C65_03735 A8G17_22190 A8M42_25645 A9819_14875 A9R57_17160 A9X62_22580 AA102_04795 AC067_03255 AC789_1c29100 ACN77_09675 ACN81_26190 ACU57_10240 ACU90_25285 AKG99_13645 AKN40_1232 AM266_09255 AM270_07330 AM375_09760 AMK83_11460 AML07_15800 AML35_26195 APT94_11835 APU18_00100 APZ14_05385 ARC77_09170 AU473_09090 AUQ13_13335 AUS26_21785 AW059_05705 AW106_11200 AWP75_06380 AZZ83_005157 B1K96_17520 B7C53_13055 BB545_05630 BE932_10670 BE963_28680 BER14_02900 BHF46_00095 BHS81_15700 BHS87_14575 BIQ87_14925 BIU72_16675 BIZ41_03630 BJJ90_06390 BK248_16470 BK292_20880 BK334_05125 BK373_05685 BK375_01110 BK383_23075 BK400_09265 BMR12_22530 BMR13_13890 BMR14_11705 BMR18_18580 BMR21_20155 BMR26_17055 BMR28_16830 BMR35_07735 BMR49_22860 BMT49_16405 BMT53_22540 BMT91_21695 BMT94_06835 BN17_18601 BSR05_06440 BTQ04_09785 BTQ06_16790 BUE81_07875 BW690_11020 BWP17_16790 BXT93_10515 BZL31_23900 BZL69_09760 CA268_22720 CA593_13930 CCL28_06655 CDL37_25020 CDL49_11695 CDN87_15720 CES94_06765 CF006_16140 CI718_15450 CIJ94_05590 CJU64_15170 CNQ52_06575 COD30_01175 COD46_11630 CRM83_27365 CRN68_26400 CSB64_12730 CSB65_03430 EC3234A_44c01800 ECONIH1_14995 ECs3439 EL75_1074 EL79_1085 EL80_1087 ERS085365_01495 ERS085366_02092 ERS085374_00015 ERS085383_04189 ERS085386_03142 ERS085404_01005 ERS085406_03514 ERS085411_03653 ERS085416_03737 ERS139211_00845 ERS150873_01369 ERS150876_00880 FORC28_1378 GJ11_16745 HMPREF3040_02703 HW43_17270 JD73_17235 MJ49_18045 MS6198_29060 PGD_00662 PU06_05530 RG28_08990 RX35_01466 SK85_02829 SM09_02737 SY51_14730 UC41_13475 UN86_04925 UN91_26310 WM48_14020 WQ89_05960 WR15_00960
Metabolic Pathways
Macromolecule Entities
Molecule Chains Length Organism Details
region 2 of sigmaE of E. coli B, D 7 synthetic

Small Molecules
Ligands 1 Unique
ID Chains Name / Formula / InChI Key 2D Diagram 3D Interactions
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A ethane-1,2-diol
C2 H6 O2
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Electron Density (JSmol)

Experimental Data & Validation

Experimental Data

  • Resolution: 1.2 Å
  • R-Value Free: 0.165
  • R-Value Work: 0.147
  • Space Group: P 1 21 1

Unit Cell:

Length (Å) Angle (°)
a = 39.05 α = 90.00
b = 36.48 β = 92.48
c = 73.37 γ = 90.00

Structure Validation

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Entry History

Deposition Data

  • Deposited Date: 2013-07-25
  • Released Date: 2014-02-19
  • Deposition author(s): Campagne, S., Marsh, M.E., Vorholt, J.A.V., Allain, F.H.-T., Capitani, G.

Revision History

  • Version 1_0: 2014-02-19

    Type: Initial release

  • Version 1_1: 2014-02-26

    Type: Database references

  • Version 1_2: 2014-03-19

    Type: Database references