Crystal Structure of the Human Rhesus Glycoprotein RhCG
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    Classification: Membrane Protein , Transport Protein
    Structure Weight: 54471.57
    Molecule: Ammonium transporter Rh type C
    Polymer: 1 Type: protein Length: 490
    Chains: A
    Mutation: ARG:485, PRO:484, VAL:483, LEU:482, GLY:481, GLY:480, SER:1, PRO:0, SER:-1, SER:-2, PRO:-3, GLY:-4
    Organism: Homo sapiens
    Gene Names: C15orf6 CDRC2 PDRC2 RHGK Gene View for RHCG
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | Q9UBD6   Protein Feature View
    Membrane Protein:   Source: mpstruc
    Channels: Amt/Rh proteins
    Human Rh C glycoprotein ammonia transporter
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    Polymer: 1
    Scientific Name: Homo sapiens   Taxonomy   Common Name: Human Expression System: Homo sapiens  
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    Identifier Details
    1u7g   Escherichia coli AmtB 
    2b2h   Archaeoglobus fulgidus Amt1 
    2ns1   Escherichia coli AmtB regulatory complex 
    3B9W   Nitrosomonas europaea Rh50 
    3B9Z   Nitrosomonas europaea Rh50 
    3BHS   Nitrosomonas europaea Rh50 
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    BOG C14 H28 O6
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