Solution structure of the Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein (WASP) autoinhibited core domain complexed with (S)-wiskostatin, a small molecule inhibitor
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    Classification: Signaling Protein
    Structure Weight: 12029.85
    Molecule: Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein
    Polymer: 1 Type: protein Length: 107
    Chains: A
    Fragment: core autoinhibited domain (GTPase binding domain is covalently linked to the cofilin homology and acidic regions)
    Mutation: SER:75, GLY:74, GLY:73, SER:72, GLY:71, GLY:70
    Organism: Homo sapiens
    Gene Names: IMD2 Gene View for WAS
    UniProtKB: Search PDB | P42768   Protein Feature View

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    Polymer: 1
    Scientific Name: Homo sapiens   Taxonomy   Common Name: Human Expression System: Escherichia coli bl21(de3)  
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    Identifier Details
    1CEE   GTPase-binding domain of WASP in complex with Cdc42 
    1EJ5   unliganded WASP autoinhibited core domain 
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    WSK C17 H18 Br2 N2 O
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    Authors:   Peterson, J.R.,  Bickford, L.C.,  Morgan, D.,  Kim, A.S.,  Ouerfelli, O.,  Kirschner, M.W.,  Rosen, M.K.

    Deposition:   2004-05-11
    Release:   2004-07-13
    Last Modified (REVDAT):   2009-02-24
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    Method:   SOLUTION NMR
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    NMR Ensemble
    Conformers Calculated:     100
    Conformers Submitted:     20
    Selection Criteria: structures with the lowest energy
    NMR Refine
    Method: SOLUTION NMR