Crystal Structure of 30S ribosomal subunit from Thermus thermophilus
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    Chain Pfam Accession Pfam Family Identifier Pfam Description Type Comment
    N PF00253   Ribosomal_S14 Ribosomal protein S14p/S29e Family
    G PF00177   Ribosomal_S7 Ribosomal protein S7p/S5e Domain This family contains ribosomal protein S7 from prokaryotes and S5 from eukaryotes. Source: Pfam  
    K PF00411   Ribosomal_S11 Ribosomal protein S11 Family
    D PF00163   Ribosomal_S4 Ribosomal protein S4/S9 N-terminal domain Family
    J PF00338   Ribosomal_S10 Ribosomal protein S10p/S20e Family
    Q PF00366   Ribosomal_S17 Ribosomal protein S17 Domain Source: Pfam  
    E PF03719   Ribosomal_S5_C Ribosomal protein S5, C-terminal domain Domain Source: Pfam  
    O PF00312   Ribosomal_S15 Ribosomal protein S15 Domain Source: Pfam  
    I PF00380   Ribosomal_S9 Ribosomal protein S9/S16 Family
    P PF00886   Ribosomal_S16 Ribosomal protein S16 Family
    D PF01479   S4 S4 domain Domain The S4 domain is a small domain consisting of 60-65 amino acid residues that was detected in the bacterial ribosomal protein S4, eukaryotic ribosomal S9, two families of pseudouridine synthases, a novel family of predicted RNA methylases, a yeast protein containing a pseudouridine synthetase and a deaminase domain, bacterial tyrosyl-tRNA synthetases, and a number of uncharacterized, small proteins that may be involved in translation regulation [1]. The S4 domain probably mediates binding to RNA. Source: Pfam  
    H PF00410   Ribosomal_S8 Ribosomal protein S8 Domain Source: Pfam  
    B PF00318   Ribosomal_S2 Ribosomal protein S2 Family
    T PF01649   Ribosomal_S20p Ribosomal protein S20 Family
    L PF00164   Ribosom_S12_S23 Ribosomal protein S12/S23 Family
    C PF00189   Ribosomal_S3_C Ribosomal protein S3, C-terminal domain Domain This family contains a central domain Pfam:PF00013, hence the amino and carboxyl terminal domains are stored separately. This is a minimal carboxyl-terminal domain. Some are much longer. Source: Pfam  
    C PF07650   KH_2 KH domain Domain Source: Pfam  
    R PF01084   Ribosomal_S18 Ribosomal protein S18 Family
    F PF01250   Ribosomal_S6 Ribosomal protein S6 Domain Source: Pfam  
    M PF00416   Ribosomal_S13 Ribosomal protein S13/S18 Family
    S PF00203   Ribosomal_S19 Ribosomal protein S19 Domain Source: Pfam  
    E PF00333   Ribosomal_S5 Ribosomal protein S5, N-terminal domain Domain Source: Pfam  
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