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Crystal structure of PKZ Zalpha in complex with ds(CG)6 (hexagonal form)
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    Chain Pfam Accession Pfam Family Identifier Pfam Description Type Comment
    A PF02295   z-alpha Adenosine deaminase z-alpha domain Domain This family consists of the N-terminus and thus the z-alpha domain of double-stranded RNA-specific adenosine deaminase (ADAR), an RNA- editing enzyme. The z-alpha domain is a Z-DNA binding domain, and binding of this region to B-DNA has been shown to be disfavoured by steric hindrance [1]. Source: Pfam  
    A PF08221   HTH_9 RNA polymerase III subunit RPC82 helix-turn-helix domain Domain This family consists of several DNA-directed RNA polymerase III polypeptides which are related to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae RPC82 protein. RNA polymerase C (III) promotes the transcription of tRNA and 5S RNA genes. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the enzyme is composed of 15 subunits, ranging from 160 to about 10 kDa [1]. This region is a probably DNA-binding helix-turn-helix. Source: Pfam  
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    Polymer Molecular Function Biological Process Cellular Component
    Protein kinase containing Z-DNA binding domains (4LB5:A,B)
    • none
    • none
    5'-D(*TP*CP*GP*CP*GP*CP*GP*CP*GP*CP*GP*CP*G)- 3' (4LB5:C)
    • none
    • none
    • none
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