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Chaperone HscB from Vibrio cholerae
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    Chain Pfam Accession Pfam Family Identifier Pfam Description Type Comment
    A PF07743   HSCB_C HSCB C-terminal oligomerisation domain Domain This domain is the HSCB C-terminal oligomerisation domain and is found on co-chaperone proteins. Source: Pfam  
    A PF00226   DnaJ DnaJ domain Domain DnaJ domains (J-domains) are associated with hsp70 heat-shock system and it is thought that this domain mediates the interaction. DnaJ-domain is therefore part of a chaperone (protein folding) system. The T-antigens, although not in Prosite are confirmed as DnaJ containing domains from literature [2]. Source: Pfam  
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    Polymer Molecular Function Biological Process Cellular Component
    Co-chaperone protein HscB homolog (4IT5:A,B,C,D)
    • none
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