Macromolecule Annotations for the Entities in PDB 4GUU

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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
A PF04433 SWIRM SWIRM domain Domain This SWIRM domain is a small alpha-helical domain of about 85 amino acid residues found in chromosomal proteins. It contains a helix-turn helix motif and binds to DNA [1]. PFAM PF04433
A PF01593 Amino_oxidase Flavin containing amine oxidoreductase Domain This family consists of various amine oxidases, including maze polyamine oxidase (PAO) [1] and various flavin containing monoamine oxidases (MAO). The aligned region includes the flavin binding site of these enzymes. The family also contains phytoene dehydrogenases and related enzymes. In vertebrates MAO plays an important role regulating the intracellular levels of amines via there oxidation; these include various neurotransmitters, neurotoxins and trace amines [2]. In lower eukaryotes such as aspergillus and in bacteria the main role of amine oxidases is to provide a source of ammonium [3]. PAOs in plants, bacteria and protozoa oxidase spermidine and spermine to an aminobutyral, diaminopropane and hydrogen peroxide and are involved in the catabolism of polyamines [1]. Other members of this family include tryptophan 2-monooxygenase, putrescine oxidase, corticosteroid binding proteins and antibacterial glycoproteins. PFAM PF01593
A PF07496 zf-CW CW-type Zinc Finger Domain This domain appears to be a zinc finger. The alignment shows four conserved cysteine residues and a conserved tryptophan. It was first identified by [1], and is predicted to be a "highly specialised mononuclear four-cysteine zinc finger...that plays a role in DNA binding and/or promoting protein-protein interactions in complicated eukaryotic processes including ...chromatin methylation status and early embryonic development." Weak homology to Pfam:PF00628 further evidences these predictions (personal obs: C Yeats). Twelve different CW-domain-containing protein subfamilies are described, with different subfamilies being characteristic of vertebrates, higher plants and other animals in which these domain is found [1]. PFAM PF07496

Protein Modification Annotation

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