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Crystal structure of a noncanonic maltogenic alpha-amylase AmyB from Thermotoga neapolitana
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    Chain Pfam Accession Pfam Family Identifier Pfam Description Type Comment
    A PF00128   Alpha-amylase Alpha amylase, catalytic domain Domain Alpha amylase is classified as family 13 of the glycosyl hydrolases. The structure is an 8 stranded alpha/beta barrel containing the active site, interrupted by a ~70 a.a. calcium-binding domain protruding between beta strand 3 and alpha helix 3, and a carboxyl-terminal Greek key beta-barrel domain. Source: Pfam  
    A PF14701   hDGE_amylase glucanotransferase domain of human glycogen debranching enzyme Domain this is a glucanotransferase catalytic domain of the eukaryotic variant of the glycogen debranching enzyme (GDE). The eukaryotic GDEs performs two functions: 4-?-D-glucanotransferase (EC and Amylo-?-1,6-glucosidase (EC, performed by the, respectively N- and C- terminal halfs of eukaryotic GDE enzymes. hDGE_amylase domain is a catalytic domain responsible for the glucanotransferase function. It belongs to the alpha-amylase clan and is predicted to have a structure of a 8 stranded alpha/beta barrel (TIM barreal) where strands are interuppted by long loops and additional mini-domains. In most other amylases, the catalytic domain is followed by a beta- barrel substrate binding domain, but presence of such domain cannot be verified in the human (and other eukaryotic) GDE enzymes Source: Pfam  
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    Polymer Molecular Function Biological Process Cellular Component
    Alpha-amylase (4GKL:A,B)
    • none
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