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A PF01926 MMR_HSR1 50S ribosome-binding GTPase Family
A PF01926 MMR_HSR1 50S ribosome-binding GTPase Family
A PF14714 KH_dom-like KH-domain-like of EngA bacterial GTPase enzymes, C-terminal Domain The KH-like domain at the C-terminus of the EngA subfamily of essential bacterial GTPases has a unique domain structure position. The two adjacent GTPase domains (GD1 and GD2), two domains of family MMR_HSR1, Pfam:PF01926, pack at either side of the C-terminal domain. This C-terminal domain resembles a KH domain but is missing the distinctive RNA recognition elements. Conserved motifs of the nucleotide binding site of GD1 are integral parts of the GD1-KH domain interface, suggesting the interactions between these two domains are directly influenced by the GTP/GDP cycling of the protein. In contrast, the GD2-KH domain interface is distal to the GDP binding site of GD2. PFAM PF14714

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