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Crystal structure of [NiFe] hydrogenase maturation protein HypB from Thermococcus kodakarensis KOD1
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    Chain Pfam Accession Pfam Family Identifier Pfam Description Type Comment
    A PF09140   MipZ ATPase MipZ Family
    A PF13614   AAA_31 AAA domain Domain This family includes a wide variety of AAA domains including some that have lost essential nucleotide binding residues in the P-loop. Source: Pfam  
    A PF01656   CbiA CobQ/CobB/MinD/ParA nucleotide binding domain Domain This family consists of various cobyrinic acid a,c-diamide synthases. These include CbiA Swiss:P29946 and CbiP Swiss:Q05597 from S.typhimurium [4], and CobQ Swiss:Q52686 from R. capsulatus [3]. These amidases catalyse amidations to various side chains of hydrogenobyrinic acid or cobyrinic acid a,c-diamide in the biosynthesis of cobalamin (vitamin B12) from uroporphyrinogen III. Vitamin B12 is an important cofactor and an essential nutrient for many plants and animals and is primarily produced by bacteria [4]. The family also contains dethiobiotin synthetases as well as the plasmid partitioning proteins of the MinD/ParA family [6]. Source: Pfam  
    A PF10609   ParA ParA/MinD ATPase like Family
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    Polymer Molecular Function Biological Process Cellular Component
    ATPase involved in chromosome partitioning, ParA/MinD family, Mrp homolog (3VX3:A,B)
    • none
    • none
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