CSL (RBP-Jk) bound to DNA
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    Chain Pfam Accession Pfam Family Identifier Pfam Description Type Comment
    C PF01833   TIG IPT/TIG domain Domain This family consists of a domain that has an immunoglobulin like fold. These domains are found in cell surface receptors such as Met and Ron as well as in intracellular transcription factors where it is involved in DNA binding. CAUTION: This family does not currently recognise a significant number of members. Source: Pfam  
    C PF09270   BTD Beta-trefoil DNA-binding domain Domain Members of this family of DNA binding domains adopt a beta-trefoil fold, that is, a capped beta-barrel with internal pseudo threefold symmetry. In the DNA-binding protein LAG-1, it also is the site of mutually exclusive interactions with NotchIC (and the viral protein EBNA2) and co-repressors (SMRT/N-Cor and CIR) [1]. Source: Pfam  
    C PF09271   LAG1-DNAbind LAG1, DNA binding Domain Members of this family are found in various eukaryotic hypothetical proteins and in the DNA-binding protein LAG-1. They adopt a beta sandwich structure, with nine strands in two beta-sheets, in a Greek-key topology, and allow for DNA binding [1]. This domain is also known as RHR-N (Rel-homology region) as it related to Rel domain proteins. Source: Pfam  
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