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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
U PF10416 IBD Transcription-initiator DNA-binding domain IBD Domain In Trichomonas vaginalis, thought to be the earliest extant eukaryote, the sole initiator element for control of the start of transcription is Inr, and this is recognised by the initiator binding protein IBP39. IBP39 contains an N-terminal Inr binding domain, IBD, connected via a flexible, proteolytically sensitive, linker (residues 127-145) to a C-terminal domain. The IBD structure reveals a winged-helix-wing conformation with each element binding to DNA, the central helix-turn-helix contributing the majority of the specificity-determining contacts with the Inr core motif TCAPy(T/A). The binding of IBP39 to the Inr directly recruits RNA polymerase II and in this way initiates transcription [1]. PFAM PF10416

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