Macromolecule Annotations for the Entities in PDB 1MHS

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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
A PF00690 Cation_ATPase_N Cation transporter/ATPase, N-terminus Domain Members of this families are involved in Na+/K+, H+/K+, Ca++ and Mg++ transport. PFAM PF00690
A PF00122 E1-E2_ATPase E1-E2 ATPase Family
A PF00702 Hydrolase haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase Domain This family is structurally different from the alpha/beta hydrolase family (Pfam:PF00561). This family includes L-2-haloacid dehalogenase, epoxide hydrolases and phosphatases. The structure of the family consists of two domains. One is an inserted four helix bundle, which is the least well conserved region of the alignment, between residues 16 and 96 of Swiss:P24069. The rest of the fold is composed of the core alpha/beta domain [1]. Those members with the characteristic DxD triad at the N-terminus are probably phosphatidylglycerolphosphate (PGP) phosphatases involved in cardiolipin biosynthesis in the mitochondria [2]. PFAM PF00702

Protein Modification Annotation

Type PDB Residue Nr. Description