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A PF07740 Toxin_12 Ion channel inhibitory toxin Domain This is a family of potent toxins that function as ion-channel inhibitors for several different ions. Omega-Grammotoxin SIA is a VSCC antagonist that inhibits neuronal N- and P-type VSCC responses [1]. Huwentoxin-IV, from the Chinese bird spider, is a highly potent neurotoxin that specifically inhibits the neuronal tetrodotoxin-sensitive voltage-gated sodium channel in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons [2]. Hainantoxin-4, from the venom of spider Selenocosmia hainana, adopts an inhibitor cystine knot structural motif like huwentoin-IV, and is a potent antagonist that acts at site 1 on tetrodotoxin-sensitive (TTX-S) sodium channels [3]. Study of the molecular nature of toxin-receptor interactions has helped elucidate the functioning of many ion-channels [4]. PFAM PF07740

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