Macromolecule Annotations for the Entities in PDB 1JR5

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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
A PF09010 AsiA Anti-Sigma Factor A Domain Anti-sigma factor A is a transcriptional inhibitor that inhibits sigma 70-directed transcription by weakening its interaction with the core of the host's RNA polymerase. It is an all-helical protein, composed of six helical segments and intervening loops and turns, as well as a helix-turn-helix DNA binding motif, although neither free anti-sigma factor nor anti-sigma factor bound to sigma-70 has been shown to interact directly with DNA. In solution, the protein forms a symmetric dimer of small (10.59 kDa) protomers, which are composed of helix and coil regions and are devoid of beta-strand/sheet secondary structural elements [1]. PFAM PF09010

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Chains Polymer Molecular Function Biological Process Cellular Component
A,B 10 KDA Anti-Sigma Factor (1JR5:A,B)
  • none

Protein Modification Annotation

Type PDB Residue Nr. Description