Macromolecule Annotations for the Entities in PDB 1HS6

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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
A PF09127 Leuk-A4-hydro_C Leukotriene A4 hydrolase, C-terminal Domain Members of this family adopt a structure consisting of two layers of parallel alpha-helices, five in the inner layer and four in the outer, arranged in an antiparallel manner, with perpendicular loops containing short helical segments on top. They are required for the formation of a deep cleft harbouring the catalytic Zn2+ site in Leukotriene A4 hydrolase [1]. PFAM PF09127
A PF01433 Peptidase_M1 Peptidase family M1 Family

Protein Modification Annotation

Type PDB Residue Nr. Description