Macromolecule Annotations for the Entities in PDB 1HM4

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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
A PF03936 Terpene_synth_C Terpene synthase family, metal binding domain Domain It has been suggested that this gene family be designated tps (for terpene synthase) [1]. It has been split into six subgroups on the basis of phylogeny, called tpsa-tpsf. tpsa includes vetispiridiene synthase Swiss:Q39979, 5-epi- aristolochene synthase, Swiss:Q40577 and (+)-delta-cadinene synthase Swiss:P93665. tpsb includes (-)-limonene synthase, Swiss:Q40322. tpsc includes kaurene synthase A, Swiss:O04408. tpsd includes taxadiene synthase, Swiss:Q41594, pinene synthase, Swiss:O24475 and myrcene synthase, Swiss:O24474. tpse includes kaurene synthase B. tpsf includes linalool synthase. PFAM PF03936

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Chains Polymer Molecular Function Biological Process Cellular Component
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