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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
A PF00009 GTP_EFTU Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain Domain This domain contains a P-loop motif, also found in several other families such as Pfam:PF00071, Pfam:PF00025 and Pfam:PF00063. Elongation factor Tu consists of three structural domains, this plus two C-terminal beta barrel domains. PFAM PF00009
A PF14578 GTP_EFTU_D4 Elongation factor Tu domain 4 Domain Elongation factor Tu consists of several structural domains, and this is usually the fourth. PFAM PF14578
A PF03144 GTP_EFTU_D2 Elongation factor Tu domain 2 Domain Elongation factor Tu consists of three structural domains, this is the second domain. This domain adopts a beta barrel structure. This the second domain is involved in binding to charged tRNA [1]. This domain is also found in other proteins such as elongation factor G and translation initiation factor IF-2. This domain is structurally related to Pfam:PF03143, and in fact has weak sequence matches to this domain. PFAM PF03144
A PF11987 IF-2 Translation-initiation factor 2 Domain IF-2 is a translation initiator in each of the three main phylogenetic domains (Eukaryotes [1], Bacteria [2] and Archaea [3]). IF2 interacts with formylmethionine-tRNA, GTP, IF1, IF3 and both ribosomal subunits [2]. Through these interactions, IF2 promotes the binding of the initiator tRNA to the A site in the smaller ribosomal subunit and catalyses the hydrolysis of GTP following initiation-complex formation [2]. PFAM PF11987

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