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B PF12639 Colicin-DNase DNase/tRNase domain of colicin-like bacteriocin Domain Colicin-like bacteriocins are complex structures with an N-terminal beta-barrel translocation domain (Pfam:PF09000), a long double-alpha-helical receptor-binding domain (Pfam:PF11570) and this C-terminal RNAse/DNase domain with endonuclease activity. Their competitor bacteriocidal action is by a process that involves binding to a surface receptor, entering the cell, and, finally, killing it. The lethal action of colicin E3 is a specific cleavage in the ribosomal decoding A site. The crystal structure of colicin E3 reveals a Y-shaped molecule with the receptor binding domain forming a 100 Angstrom long stalk and the two globular heads of the translocation domain and this catalytic domain comprising the two arms [2]. PFAM PF12639

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